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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  December 20, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EST

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home. >> hopefully awed feeling in your toes if you -- you had feeling in your toes if you went to the game. >> i showed you the picture earlier it wasn't good. >> tough bundle up. justin, good morning. can we get a warmup, please. >> now charlie's toes are dressed in purple, we will probably hold tight with cold air the rest of the week. we are looking at interesting week ahead. for us weather geeks, we are excited about what's about to happen. the official start to winter if you will. winter solstice is tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. meteorological winter began on the first of december. there's total lunar eclipse tomorrow a big day coming up. that will be just before sunrise. if you wake up early, hopefully the skies will clear and we will see that. and there is a pretty good consensus amonth computer models there will be a snowstorm on christmas day here in maryland. giving us 70% chance we will have a white christmas from fresh snow. how much snow?
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still up to debate but it could be a pretty substantial event. we are looking at clouds rolling back into the baltimore area this morning holding at 24 right now in town. 28 in easton and we are aiming for a partly sunny afternoon with a two degree guaranteed high of 33a breeze will make it feel like the 20s. right now let's get back to work and see what's happening on the roads with kim brown. >> reporter: this morning, we are working a couple snags on the roadways. fortunately none on any of the major highways. look live at 95 coming out of harford county approaching the beltway, traffic flows freely especially southbound side. no delays or problems making your way towards the beltway and tunnels. looking at maps, we've an accident in randalstown, liberty road at offutt road a passenger vehicle versus a pickup truck. on york out of sparks glencoe expect icy conditions near belfast road because of a rupture water main. a ruptured water main blocks the center lane at north avenue right there near patterson park. one lane get by east and westbound. now back to you.
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>> thanks. another did dedly fire not far from where a family -- deadly fire not far from where a family of six died days before. cheryl conner is here with more on latest developments in the case. >> reporter: twenty four hours after the most recent fatal fire, investigators have enough to call it arson. let's go out to east baltimore where crews worked through the pieces of yet another fatal fire. one man was inside the home and unable to escape early saturday morning. his identity has not been released. there's irony to the timing. the fire happened just hours before a firefighters were set to knock on doors along homewood avenue where six people died in a house fire earlier in the week. in that home, investigators say that there were two smoke detectors burks we don't know if they were work -- detectors, but we don't know if they were working. firefighters replaced old smoking deers and installed new
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ones. >> that is city wide call to action for anyone without a smoke alarm. get in your car, go to your local fire station, complete a very simple form and our fire fighters will come out to your home and install smoke alarms to make sure you and your family are protected. >> some people sleep in basements and some upstairs. all levels that means everything is covered. and i am 100% safe. >> reporter: and the most recent fire death brings the city's total to 19, the same as last year. you heard the chief say if you don't have a smoke detector, head to the closest fire station and get one for free. cheryl conner, abc2 news. well, more arrests and charges against a group busted last weekend during a drug raid. they were facing now animal cruelty charges. accused of having a dog fighting ring as well. six pit bulls were rescued from baltimore home in the 2300 block of edgemont.
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the dogs were in bad shape. malnourished and covered with open wounds, conducting the drug raid, investigators suspected the dogs were being used for dog fighting. they got a search warrant late last week and by chance ended up chasing one of the suspects into the home. once in-- once inside, they found a treadmill and heavy chains and other items you associate with fighting according to animal control office we are spoke with two face animal cruelty charges and aaron mack faces the same charges. four minutes after six. police all across the area are dealing with the aftermath of a violent weekend. we start in northeast baltimore where police found a woman's body wrapped in plastic. around 2:30 saturday afternoon, officers were called to the 1800 block of 29th street where the body of a 42-year-old woman was found. there's no word on a suspect or motive or the cause of death but police are saying this is a
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murder. she was reported missing on wednesday. and to glen burnie, police say a fight ended with a man being stabbed to death. officers responding to the fight at the shopping center found james anthony liber-to with stab wounds. he later died at shock trauma. police arrested man they say stabbed him, 38-year-old roland michael long who has been charged with second degree murder. and police are looking for a suspect in a robbery and murder investigation. around 7:15 police found 46-year-old man in baltimore lying near a road near the 1800 block of meade village circle. if you have information on the case, please call police. time is 6:05. three pedestrian were hit by a car during the weekend, and police want to know who was behind the wheel. it happened before 6:30 on the eastern avenue near the chuck
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e. cheese. investigators say two children and an adult were taken to johns hopkins in serious condition and they are expected to survive. it's unclear whether they with a walking in the crosswalk which is required. in sports, the defending superbowl champs were no problems. the ravens sent them back to the big easy with a nail biter of a end. >> reporter: on a cold breezy day at m and t bank stadium, fans were pumped. even santa was on board for the ravens. the saints usually a fast scoring team early in the game did just that and got off to a 7-0 lead on this drew brees 18-yard touchdown pass in the first quarter. ravens came back and tied the game at joe flacco worked from the shotgun and hit dixon to make the nice move and score on the 35-yard touchdown. ray rice what monster game with
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153 yards rushing as he scored on this 10-yard play giving the ravens a 14-7 lead and the fans something to warm up to. but rice was hardly done after ripping off two nice runs on a 5-play, 34-yard drive. he capped it off in the 17-yard catch to up the lead to 21-7. the saints defending champs for a reason as they showed determination coming back as drew brees hit graham for a second touchdown making the score 21-14. after the team's traded field goals, moore halls in the 15-yard touchdown on a spectacular catch in the corner of the end zone. after a review, the play was upheld as he was ruled to have two feet down inbounds. score was tied at 24 in the fourth. two field goals gave the rains a 30-24 lead and flexed the defensive muscles. redding intercepted this pass with 1.56 and the ravens improve 10-4 with an impressive win
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over the superbowl champs. scott garceau has more on reaction to the victory. >> reporter: superbowl champs came to baltimore with a 6-game win streaks. they leave with a one-game losing streak. the ravens led a 21-7 lead disappear but in the end, a 233 yard, 2 touchdown day for rase rice -- ray rice gave them the 10th win. >> he we matched them hand for hand. and you know we played chess with them today. it just so happened we finished with a checkmate. >> they started rolling and they went and beat an unbeatable team. and, so, you want this momentum going forth into the playoffs and we have two left. and we have two very dangerous teams to play against. >> reporter: a big win for the ravens on sunday but ray lewis set the stage on saturday night when he addressed the team. >> it was just about one thing. sacrifice. you know. like, i been in this business
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15 years and i've saw good teams and saw some okay teams, but what we have right now the question is very simple. what would you give for the man beside you. that's it. that's it. i don't care you know what score is, if we come out here with the win, we became a better team. >> i am proud of the football team these men and what we accomplished todaych that's big win. >> reporter: joel flacco through 20 passes but two were for touchdowns. at home this year, flacco with 13 touchdowns and only one interception. the ravens close out the schedule with two division games next sunday it's the browns in cleveland. scott gar so at m and t -- garceau at m and t bank stadium. it looks like it is true. the university of maryland is going to formally close the door on the fridge. reports say that school officials have told head football coach that he will not
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keep his job next season. reports indicated he was being asked to retire but by the school and they can buy him out of the final year of the contract. he was named acc coach of the year earlier this month. and former texas tech coach is rumored tonight front-runner to replace him. he is on his way out. well, lame duck session of congress face as very busy final week before heading home for the holiday break. law makers approved piece of legislation which had been stalled for the past few weeks but major bills remained to be voted on. abc's mike has the latest on the details. >> reporter: the lame duck congress is staring at a full plate this week. several menu items are not sitting well for senate republicans a rare sunday session served up more disagreements on a nuclear treaty with russia. >> i the verification provisions are inadequate. >> reporter: it now appears
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likely to pass despite objections reducing the number of warheads and providing verification for both countries. democrats are also hoping for a christmas miracle getting the 9/11 responders health care bill passed before the end of the year. a republican filibuster delayed a vote last week. opponents balked at the 6.2 billion dollar price tag. >> we will stay here as long as it takes to pass this bill because the heros who rushed to the towers on 9/11 are heros who he deserve to be takennen care of. >> reporter: the busy -- takein care of. >> reporter: the busy week ahead follows a historic weekend. celebrations in san francisco after congress repealed the 17-year-old don't ask don't tell policy. for the first time, gays will be allowed to serve openly in the military. while historic, the repeal of don't ask, don't tell will not
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be immediate. the pentagon has to sign off first followed by a 60 day waiting period. abc news. all right. stepping away from politics and staying in washington and heading over to the national zoo, we want to show you the cuteies. check them out. this weekend, the lion cubs made their public debut. four were born in august. and then three more born in september. they are the first lion cubs at the national zoo in more than 20 years. >> cuteies. >> cuddlely. >> cuteies. they rip your lung out. >> they probably will. all right. >> with five days until christmas, buying gifts online looks like a better option than braving the crowded malls. but be careful which websites to trust. one that sells car accessories cheating you out of hundreds of dollars. and change in policy in dc. don't ask don't tell repeal could be headed to president obama's desk this week. how it could affect the future of the military.
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and when he was with the beates terk didn't play at this historic have been you. but now he is trying to save hundreds waiting in line to see the performance from paul mccartney. >> before we go anywhere we will head to new york for the latest business news happening right now. >> reporter: good morning. we begin your money scope report with holiday sales reportedly up this year. mastercard says retail revenue is higher than last year. it says revenue is up for clothing, jewelry and luxury items but not for electronics. the senate passed a sweeping new food safety bill giving the government new powers to increase inspection and force companies to recall tainted food. the billheads to the u.s. house. tv commercials could soon be looking for you. direct v is planning to launch addressable ads in the come year matching ads to households. the sample families with dogs would see adding for dog food. and tron will go sigh was the number one movie this
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weekend. the sci-fi sequel brought in $43.6 million. yogi bear and chronicles of narnia was second and third. that's the money scope report, i am rob nelson.
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welcome back. it's 6:15. this are five shopping days until christmas. guys. and if the last-minute gifts many of you, me, might be turning to the internet instead 6 braving the mall. >> there is one online retailer that's racking up a lot of complaints. abc2 news joce sterman has a warning about the company that left hundreds spinning their wheels. >> reporter: for wrappedon your ride isn't cool -- for brandon, your ride is not cool without
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the right sound system. not just any speakers he wanted high end auto equipment and found it on dealer cost car audio buying more than $200 worth of speakers. >> prices were really almost too good to be true. >> reporter: it sowmed like a good deal and he paid online for overnight shipping but after weeks of waiting, still no speakers. he was told via e-mail they were on back order. >> called again and called again sent a e-mail after e-mail and just wait. >> reporter: better business bureau heard from hundreds with similar claims. more than 1200 people from 48 states filed bbb complaints against the company. the. >> bottom line is they place an order give the credit card information they never receive the item they ordered. >> reporter: angie barnett says it's not just the missing orders they find trouble but says many customers are getting the run around from the company and that's cutting off their options. >> they keep telling you hold on your product will be delivered. what happens is enough time
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goes by and pot duct is never delivered and it's too late to cancel because it exceeds the cancellation and it is too late to actually go back to your credit card company. >> reporter: so customers like brandon can't dispute the charges and all he can do is ask for a refund which did he in writing. but still seven months later e. hasn't seen a dime. >> i could have used that money you know i wanted to put it into my car, but, you know, now i am out $240. >> reporter: we asked dealer cost car audio why he never got his money back but they didn't respond to the direct question. as for the hundreds of other complaints to the bbb, in an e-mail the company claims they are the fault of a own here was going out of business. the rep says they handle complaints on a case-by-case basis and choose not to go through the bb to resolve them. but urban's complaint hat. >> -- has not been cleared and he is telling friends to steer clear of the discount car parts. >> and the the bb says dealer
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cost audio resolved half of the complaints lodged against them. the agency suggest anyone struggling to get a refund from this company or any other retailer file the complaint with the attorney yesterday and federal trade commission before moving forward. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weatherate. >> 6:19. hopefully you had a chance to see the weather special on saturday night. we will replay that and play clips online abc2 that may have gotten some of you in the mood as winter is officially set to begin tomorrow for more winter around here. we have in the offing this morning it's dry 25 in baltimore and 28 in easton. more clouds to the north and west. it's allowed the temperatures to bounce back up. 27 degrees in york. once the cloud cover moves in actually it takes any heat that's rising in the sky and it back towards the surface. taking the wind chill values low 20s and upper teens this morning.
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there are the clouds trying to advance from the north and west. and spread toan arundel county and aberdeen you are clear this morning. the question is will it be clear tonight? and as we are awaiting the lunar eclipse before dawn tomorrow. we will see if we can break the clouds up before the next round of systems and snow is breaking out across the northern plains. we have this heavy storm in california flooding mud slides and basically san francisco all the way down through southern california. and over 100 inches reported in some spots in the sierra nevada. 100 inches of snow. that's part of the pineapple express. tropical moisture goes past hawaii and they had their flooding problems out there. we will watch the system charge across the nation heartland catch up with the cold air that we have in place, and some computer models indicating in fact a lot of computer models indicating that this thing will actually spell out across the east coast. we could thank the storm that did not form for us yesterday and hitting new england right now for getting wrapped up in
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eastern canada. that will create a block and around the next storm, to actually charge its energy and get stuck off the east coast. a lot of ifs but a lot of computer models are coming in with this sigh nare heo. so looks like there's agreement for something to form in the east coast. christmas eve through christmas day. and maybe extending through the end of next weekend. we will watch hopefully clearing skies overnight again. times for the lunar eclipse in moment. but there may be some flurries with the next band of clouds rolling in tomorrow afternoon and evening. most of the snow rung out of the mountains and we set the stage for the end of the week. today, partly cloudy, 33 the two degree guaranteed. winds make it feel like the 20s. we will jump to 20 overnight. partly cloddy skies. lunar eclipse totality at 2:41 in the morning through 3:53. that's a.m. time daytime temperatures should be back up to 36, 38 and dry on wednesday. thursday clouds rollback in and friday night into saturday, that's the best chance of getting hit with the next storm of snow. kim.
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>> reporter: justin, this morning we are getting reports of a handful of new accidents. mostly coming in on the secondary roadways and side streets. but the major highways all still look good. look live at 95 at 195, no problems north or southbound heading towards the beltway or capital beltway. 695 is checking in without problems. up in finksburg a accident eastbound route 10 at 91. that is reported to have several vehicles involved. las water main break affecting the southbound lanes at york approaching belfast with icy conditions. and towson a. reported bicyclist was struck by a vehicle. expect police on the scene. and we have an accident lingering on the eastbound lanes of liberty road at offutt. and baltimore city the center lane blocked at north avenue between paterson park and chester street. one lane gets by east wound and -- bound -- eastbound and westbound. it's 6:22. thanks a lot, kim. disappointment abounds.
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lady gaga fans in paris being forced to wait once again to see the meat wearing pop star perform. why concert never happened last night and when she will take the stage again -- stage again. >> what's on her face? >> she is artsy. >> okay. see. yeah. plus, cold temperatures and wet roads are a bad combination for those attempting to get up the hill. the dramatic video when we return. it's 25 degrees outside. (greenery) hey cheese log. (cheese log) hello centerpiece.
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(greenery) fruit cake. how are ya? [fruit cake] dry. (greenery) who's the new guy? edible arrangements bouquets, beautiful like flowers, but unforgettably delicious, visit, call, or go to time for entertainment news. fans braved the snow and cold for hours to get 300 tickets to see former beatle paul mccart any at 100 club. he did lunchtime gig to help save the tiny london landmark from economic collapse. the clubs hosted the stones and who metallica and louie armstrong but never mccartney or beat glels there were unhappy leady gaga fans overseat seas. have you seen a happy lady gaga fan. i am not a big fan ofers i am sorry. >> really? >> no.
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they can't seem to catch a break. original hi scheduled for october and that's why right there. the show is postponed because of strikes across france and that right there. first performance was scheduled for sunday night but it was postponed until tuesday because of thew. big problem for lady gaga is all 28 of the tower trucks carrying stage and sound equipment, they were order off the icy roads along with many other trucks. she posted a message via twit are apologizing to fans saying she was devastated. a bit of confusion to holiday shoppers. >> instead of one mall santa there were 100 and some were in handcuffs. >> think billy bob thornton. also ahead this morning... >> reporter: another fatal fire in baltimore city. and we now know the cause. i am cheryl conner with more on how foyer fighters are trying to cut down on the number of fire deaths.
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